Thank you so much for the terrific job you did on my knives. I picked them up last night. They were the Cuisinart Knives. You were right; they are sharper than when they were new. I’m especially impressed with how you repaired the knife with the broken tip!!

Thanks for the sharpest knives I've probably ever had. I forgot what a pleasure using sharp knives is. Mine were the 7 you just did that were duller than butter knives.

Matt, knives are perfect. THANK YOU!!

Just wanted to drop you a quick line of appreciation. I used a knife to prepare dinner this evening, and it cut through the steak beautifully. Thank you!

Matt, Knives are great! You did a good job. Thanks so much for the great service.

Awesome job on the knife. Many thanks !!

Matt, Thanks for letting me know! I received the knifes and they are amazingly sharp 🙂 Thank you for your great work!

Hi Matt, I just wanted to personally thank you so much for the amazing job on my knives. They are better than new. I’m quite inexperienced in maintaining chef’s knives and the inefficiency of my blades had been making me crazy for a while. Anyway, you are great at what you do and I will be sending you knives again. Thank you.

Hi Matt. Just got the knife back. Wow! Never had a sharper knife. Thanks very much! No more butter knife. Lol.

Stellar job again Matt! Thanks

Hello Matt, Oh my, to quote Mr. Dundee; “Now, that’s a knife.” Thank you very much. I am overwhelmed by the quality of your service, Best,

Matt, Thanks so much for the work you did on all of my knives! It was a pleasure to work the line with my Glestains today. I was a bit surprised by how much the deba changed, it certainly isn't as wide of a knife, but I found it much more practical with the reshaped blade and blade road. All the other knives are great too, the Shuns look brand new and those knives are about 11 years old and have seen heavy use. I appreciate your care and attention to detail, I will certainly be sending more knives your way! Best,

Thanks the work was well done

Great job on the knife!

Matt: These four (4) knives came out perfect !. Just like the last two. absolutely satisfied. If you need a reference, don’t hesitate to give my e-mail. kind regards

Hello There Matt, I just wanted to thank you once more and compliment you on the sharpening you did on my knife set. I have been using them everyday since I began work in Scotland. Fantastic job! I didn't think they would ever be this nice. Much Thanks!

Hello Matt: Knives arrived today in good shape. Very nice job, bravo! I greatly appreciate the prompt service and the lengths over and above that you’ve gone to. If I have the opportunity to recommend your services to anyone else, I will do so with no hesitation and I definitely will send them back when it’s time for a tune up.

Knives are wonderful. Thank you for the great service.

Hello Matt: Very, very nice job. It’s a pleasure to deal with someone who obviously cares about the quality of his work and has a passion for it. Thank you very much. ... Thanks again for a great job.

I just shaved with my old Union Cutlery razor and it was the best shave ever! Thank you for excellent work.

Matt: I received the knives yesterday (Monday) and they came out perfect ! can’t wait to use them. thanks. Kind regards

Hey thanks again man. I can't get over how insanely sharp this knife is. Also seeing the process and hearing some of your knowledge was very interesting. Consider me a repeat customer.

Just another quick thank-you. My knives are scary sharp and I feel safer knowing that when I need a cut, I can count on them. I am impressed and excited about finding a great sharpening service I can count on. I wish I would have asked for business cards to hand out. I will next time. Thanks again and Well Done,

Hey Matt, Awesome job! I just opened the box and took a look at my knives. I am really happy with the work you did. The TDI looks great! I will be handing those cards out to my friends. Regards,

Dear Matt, I just got the two knives you sharpened and you don't kid around, sharp means sharp. I am so pleased; I vowed to stop using the pocket knife as a screwdriver and all purpose tool and treat it as the cutting tool it is. Thank you so much. Sincerely,

Subject: Compliment on a great job on ALL the knives I brought you in February April 2, 2014 Hello, I have to remind myself these knives are no longer cutting like a plastic butter knife. They are SHARP! I love it. THANKS! A new customer

Thank you for an incredible job Matt, my knives are now effortless to use again. You've got a customer for life. All the best

Matt: The pinking shears you sharpened for me arrived yesterday and they work great! Thanks for your prompt service and good work.

Dear Matt, We just received back the batch of knives we sent you and you did a great job for us. We have never had knives that sharp even when new!

Hi Matt. Just trying out my knives now and they are awesome. Thank you!!!

Matt, I just received my knives back today... great work, as always... Thanks so much!

Hi Matt, Thanks so much for fixing up our knives again. You are an artist! I love a sharp knife, and you are the best. Thanks.

Hey Matt, The Fedex guy just dropped off my knife... It looks BEAUTIFUL! and I can shave with it! awesome! Truly great work... your skills are amazing.... definitely sending more of my knives your way! they're all dull now compared to this one! Thanks again!

Matt, Holy cow! My knives are so sharp!!! I think they're better than when they were new. I forgot how much easier it is to cook with sharp knives. Thank you very much!

Hi Matt- You did me well! Hatchet cuts and shaved like you'd said it would. Thanks again for showing me your set-up and for answering my questions.

very nice job on the chisels they are ridiculously sharp!!! thank you

Hey Matt, I had a chance to use my knife last night and it was awesome. I didn't even know a knife could cut that well, (and it's not even a very nice knife). I'll definitely be back in the future. Thanks again,

Hello, Matt. Thank you very much indeed for the beautiful sharpening job you've done on my tired old knives. The newly serrated ones are very useful. My favorites, the two nearly antique Sabatier knives, have been given new life! Again, many thanks.

Thank you, Matt. You did a great job once again. We appreciate it.

Hi Matt! I received the knives today - great job.

[Got] my knife back. WOW! You did an amazing job. It looks and cuts awesome! Pleasure doing business with you. You run a great operation. Thanks again

10 out of 10: The Sharpening Guy's superb sharpening skills can only be rivaled by his customer service skills. The manufacturer sent me a bent knife; The Sharpening Guy made me aware of the anomaly and tried to correct it. The damage was to severe to fix, so needless to say, I sent the knife back and requested that my new one be sent to his shop. He alerted me of it's arrival and sharpened it on the same night. Two days later my knife arrived like a custom made knife. I asked him to round the spine and bolster, which he willingly obliged too. The edge itself was extremely sharp and beautifully polished. I would recommend The Sharpening Guy to anyone who truly cares about their knives and wants them wickedly sharp. A truly great experience and one that will be repeated.

My knives are wicked sharp! Thanks

Matt, what a fabulous job! Thanks. I am telling everyone about you

My knives arrived today- thank you for the great work and speedy turnaround! I will keep your info and be sure to pass it on to my friends. Thanks again

Got it back--thanks Matt! Very sharp...and the nicks are gone too. 🙂

I got my knives back Saturday. They are fantatsic. They have never been sharper. I love the sheath you made for the scalping knife. If you do not mind, I'll start spreading the word about you down here. I know of a few people who appreciate sharpe knives. I am one happy customer,