Matt Hendricks - The Sharpening Guy

The Sharpening Guy LLC was established in 2010 by Matt Hendricks.  He created this business to provide high quality sharpening for chefs and cooks in western Michigan.  He has a passion for transforming dull knives into the sharpest knives they can be.

He goes above and beyond by using only the best knife making equipment to repair and sharpen your knives so that they truly can be as good or better than when they were new.  This also allows him to do repairs that a lot of sharpeners cannot.

In addition to understanding how to sharpen your average knife, Matt also specializes in sharpening and repairing Japanese knives and straight razors.  One example of this is that he can do blade grinds for people who are making their own knives but just need help with that part.

He has sharpened thousands of knives over the years and has gotten positive feedback from customers all over the United States and beyond.  If you would like your knives to work like they have never worked before, contact us today to experience the true meaning of sharp.