If you don’t live near me, I can still sharpen your knives so that you too can experience the joy of using expertly sharpened knives.  I will sharpen your knives and invoice you within 2-3 days of receiving them. Once you pay, I will promptly send your knives back to you. You may pay by credit card or PayPal. Please read the instructions below to proceed.

Mail Order Sharpening Instructions

  1. Fill out the mail order form.
    • Fill out the personal information at the top of the mail order form.
    • Fill in the quantity for each type of item you are having sharpened.
    • Shipping comes with $50 (USPS) or $100 (FedEx) of insurance coverage. If you want extra coverage, mark this on the form. – Once I have sharpened your items, I will calculate the total amount and send an online invoice to your e-mail. The cost of shipping will be included in this amount. Shipping will be billed at cost plus $3 handling.
  2. Package your form and items. – Wrap each of your items individually in newspaper (or something similar). – Package your form and your items securely in a box so that they can’t move around in the box at all during shipping. – Make sure that you cover up any old text or old barcodes that are showing on the box. Do not label your box as knives or something similar.
  3. Ship your items to The Sharpening Guy LLC (click here for our address). – Make sure that your filled out form is in the box with your items. – You will receive an e-mail with an online invoice after we receive and sharpen your knives and tools. After you pay this (by credit card or PayPal), we will then ship your items back to you.
  4. Enjoy your sharp knives, straight razor, or scissors when they return!
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