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Straight Razor Honing and Repair

I personally shave with a straight razor, and I would love to sharpen yours. I will hand hone it on Japanese waterstones, and then strop it until it is shave ready. I do not tape the spine of the razor. If it is a carbon steel razor, I will also put a light coat of camellia oil on the blade to prevent rust. I am also happy to show you how to strop your razor so you can properly maintain the edge between honings.

Straight Razor Honing Prices

  • Hollow Ground Straight Razor - $27.00

Scissors and Shears

I sharpen household scissors, sewing shears, pinking shears, surgical scissors, industrial shears, manicure scissors, and knife edge shears.

Standard Scissor and Shear Prices

  • Scissors with up to 4” blades - $5.00
  • Scissors with 4” to 6” blades - $6.00
  • Scissors with 6” or larger blades - $7.00
  • Knife edge scissors & shears - add $2.00
  • Pinking shears - $8.00

Please note the following:

  • With the exception of scissors, the above prices are per blade unless otherwise noted.

  • Extra charges may be made for items that need repair. I do not repair handles. If extra charges are necessary, I will advise you before proceeding.

  • Blades should be clean when they arrive for sharpening.

  • If I am unable to sharpen your item, then I will return it to you with an explanation.

  • If you have questions, please contact me here.

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