The Sharpening Guy LLC

Japanese Knives

I have a limited selection of Japanese knives in stock for local customers. To the best of my knowledge, no one else in town sells this quality of knives. I want to provide local customers with the ability to see and hold these knives so they don’t have to order a knife blindly if they want a good knife. If I don’t have just the right knife for you, I am happy to recommend one for you to order. Please contact me for details.

I believe that local people are not getting a good value for the knives they are purchasing. There are mail order knife companies that will sell you better quality knives in almost all price ranges. Also, most people have not yet seen or held any Japanese knives which are superior to their non-Japanese counterparts. For more information on Japanese knives, click here. I am not concerned with whether someone orders a good knife or buys one from me. I just want people to get the best knives they can for what they are willing to spend.

You can find a few places from which to order knives on my links page. However, I particularly recommend - Japanese Knife Imports and Carter Cutlery. Some of the knives offered are better than others. I am happy to give you my opinion on any particular knife which you are considering for purchase. Please contact me if you have any questions about buying a new knife. I do not receive any payment from any of these companies, and I am totally independent from all of them. Keep in mind that knives do not come fully sharpened. Make sure to have any new knife properly sharpened before use for the best results.